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Late A. V. Datar

Dr. Manoj M. Deshpande     |    Dr. Aparna Manoj Deshpande

Dr. Manoj M. Deshpande | Dr. Aparna Manoj Deshpande

About Doctors

Dr. Deshpande Manoj Madhukar 

B.A.M.S. (Ayurvedacharya)

Summary of  qualifications

  • Passed B.A.M.S. with Distinction in December, 1995 at Vasant Dada Patil, Govt. Ayurvedic Medical College Sangli ( M.S.)

Work experience

  1. Gurukul Tradional Training under guidance of Acharya : A.W.Datarshastri at Vaidyaraj Datar Panchbhautik Chikitsa and Samshodhan Kendra Sangli.
  2. Panchbhautic Chikitsa, Aushadhikaran (Pharmaceutication )
  3. Panchkarma- Acharya: P.T.Joshi, Dhulia(M.S.)
  4. Vd. Ramdas Avhad, Kopargaon.
  5. Panchbhautic Chikitsa- Vaidya Vivek Haldavnekar, Kolhapur.


  • B.A.M.S
  • Abhyang-Mardan Tantra-Certificate course completed in 2010 at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth,Pune.
  • Preventive Cardiology – Cerificate course completed in 2010 at M I M E R (Madhavbag Institute of medical Education & Research Centre)
  • “Certificate Course in Panchkarma”– completed in 2012 at M I M E R. 

Extracurricular activities 

  1. Work for the awareness and propagation of Ayurveda. 
  2. Free Ayurvedic checkup and treatment camps held in several cities.
  3. Attended similar camps as a physician at Sangali, Latur, Akluj, Nanded, Beed ,Karmala etc.
  4. Cultivation of Ayurvedic herbs on experimental basis at own farm in Gadegon village.
  5. Arranged Aushadhikarn camps in Sangali.

Professional Memberships

    1. Member of Rotary International (Rotary club of Pune-Sinhgad Road) 
    2. Member of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad.
    3. Founder member International Society of Aurvedic Teacher and Physicians.
    4. Member of NIMA ( National Integrated Medical Association)
    5. Member of renowned institute Vaidyaraj Datar Panchbhautic Chikitsa and Sanshodhan Kendra, Sangli ( M.S.) engaged in treating patients on no profit no loss basis.
    6. Member of Red Cross International.
    7. Member of Marathi Sahitya Parishad.

Community Activities – Lectures delivered.

  1. Some useful Ayurvedic remedies for mentally impaired children at Jivala matimand School Barshi.
  2. Ayurveda”Myths and misconceptions” at Rotary Club Barshi.
  3. Ayurveda- a way of healthy lifestyle at Sarvajanik Wachanalya Barsh.
  4. Simple and effective home remedies from Ayurveda at Kurdwadi.
  5. Panchbhoutik Nidan Panchak and Treatment of Unmad Apsmar in a workshop arranged by V.D.P.C.S.K.Sangali.
  6. Yashwi Chikitsa of Gulm and Gudrog in Sangali.
  7. Arranged camps for detection of diabetes.
  8. Arranged free camp for the patients of Anorectal diseases and treatment with Kshar Sutra.
  9. Appendicitis and its managements by Ayurvedic treatment delivered in the clinical meeting arranged by Ayurved Vyaspith Dombiwali, Mumbai.
  10. “Pranayam & Research done on it” at Swasthya Foundation, Barshi.
  11. “Concepts of Panchbhautic Chikitsa”- In Pune in December 2004.
  12. Treatment of Psoriasis with Ayurvedic parameters at Pune in a national level conference.
  13. “Panchkarma therapy-boon for mankind” at Rotary Club, Pune.
  14. “Development problems of adolescent children” in english medium school at Pune.


    Awards received

    1. Ayurved Bhushan Purskar from Dabur India Pvt. Ltd.
    2. Remarkabel work in the field of community service  by Rotary International.
    3. Janseva Sadhavana Award by IIGS, New Delhi.


    1. Music – To play Musical Instruments( Tabla,  Harmonium )
    2. Classical Music.
    3. Trekking.
    4. Reading.
    5. Meditation and Yog.

Seminars & Conferences

  1. Kamala Parisanvad ( on Hepatits) at Miraj in August, 1996.
  2. All India Panchkarma & Applied Instrument Conference at Bhusawal, in 1997.
  3. Cancer & Ayurvedic Treatment at Dombiwali in May, 1997.
  4. National Seminar on Ghansar (Extract of Medicinal Plants) at Pune in April, 1996.
  5. Yashasvi Chikitsa at Dombivali in May, 1998.
  6. Balrog & Ayurvedic Treatment at Thane in 1999
  7. Strirog & Prasuti Tantra (Gynecology & obstatrics) in Ayurved at Nashik.
  8. Raktpitta Parisanvad at Sangali, in August 1999
  9. Aamvat Parisanvad in August, 2000
  10. Maharashtra State Conference on Different Traditions of Ayurvedic Treatment at Miraj in 1993.
  11. National Conference on Panchamahabhut Sidhant at Sangali in December, 1999.
  12. Symposium on Clinical application of Panchamahabhut and Tridosh Theory at Bangalore in November, 2000
  13. Conference on Ojakshay and Hridrog at Beed, in 1999.
  14. Conference on Ayurvedic medicines patent procedure, in 2003 at Dombiwali by NIMA.
  15. Conference on male sterility at Thane in Jan. 2005
  16. Basti Parisamvad at Mumbai in 2002.
  17. Treated thousands of psoriasis patients with fast and long lasting recovery with Panchkarma Procedures, abhyang, herbomineral kitibh Yog, stress management etc.

Dr. Mrs. Aparna Manoj Deshpande
                                                    B.A.M.S. ( Ayurvedacharya )

      Reg.No. :- I-32452-A-1 from Pune University.

  • Passed B.A.M.S. from Gune Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Ahmednagar in 1997. ( M.S.)
  • Membership :- NIMA ( National Integrated Medical Association )
  • Community activities :- Arranged several free ayurvedic check-up and treatment camps on to pics of blood sugar detection, anorectal diseases, gynaecological & orthopedic complaints. 
  • Delivered lectures about myths and misconceptions about Ayurved.
  • Hobbies :- Music, Reading, Acting, Sports.
  • Seminars & conferences :- Attended several conferences on gynaecological ailments at Nashik, Nagar, Pune , Goa etc.
  • Areas of special Interest :- Female sterility – Uttarabsti.
  • Hair & cosmetic complaints.
  • Baalrog – Paediatic complaints, like mental retardness, malgrowth, allergic rhinitis- bronchitis. , bed wetting etc. 
  • All types of gynecological complaints.

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate course in Preventive Cardiology.
  • Certificate course in Panchkarma.
  • Certificate course in cosmetology.
  • Certificate course in Abhyang(massage) and Mardan Tantra.
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