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    AYURVED is a science in which the whole information about life is described. Ayurved is a subtype of Atharvaveda. This science is useful for both- healthy and diseased person. Now a days in this era of modern science and technology where every month new molecules of powerful drugs are innovated, different strange diseases are upcoming as the gift of this so called advanced and hitech lifestyle. To tackle these new diseases and to adopt some effective prophylactic majors, Ayurved is a boon for mankind Ayurved is the most ancient medical science having origine in 5000 B.C.

            Before the rule of British & Mughals, ayurved or herbal therapy was the only medicinal therapy existed in India. At that time there were no antibiotics, no steroids, no injections, no tonics and no vitamins , still people were enjoying disease free life upto 100 yrs. One should go details into this secret. Good eating habits, behaviour, climate, food , spirituality were some of the factors responsible for their longevity.

            But as the time changed, British ruled India and cultivated their western culture. We people forgot the very essence of our golden treasure and started believing that everything that is western and English is good and superior than us. Lord Maculay’s address to the British Parliament on 2nd Feb 1835 confirms this fact .

            Ayurved and its complementary therapy “Yog” is getting popularity in approximately 30 countries.

     Myths & Misconceptions about Ayurvedic Treatment.

  1. Ayurvedic medicines work very slowly :– On the contrary in various complaints ayurved works faster than conventional modern medicine theropy. Most of the times patient reach to Ayurved at late stage when all the doors of other Pathies are closed. In this condition disease makes its presence on deeper level and thus requires very effective medicines along with proper aahar-vihar ( Diet & behaviour) schedule by an ayurvedic physician. So the time required for relief is extended. And to remove the disease from its root, more time is required. 
  2. Ayurvedic medicines are costlier :- Most of time patient comes to the ayurvedic doctor in detoriated condition. In this situation some medicines containing bhasma ( ash- oxide ) of Gold, Silver, diamond and sometimes certain rare herbs are needed to used. In this scenario medicine cost increases. Panchkarma therapies also require many medicines and strenuous efforts. So the cost becomes high.
  3. Ayurved demands strict diet regime :- As the ayurvedic doctor tries to cure the disease from root, the factors boosting the disease process are needed to be curtailed. So if a patients wants permanent and quick relief then he or she must follow do’s & don’ts suggested by ayurvedic doctor.
  4. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken as OTC product :- No never. If not taken with proper advice and without assessment of individual constitution ( prakruti ) the ayurvedic medicines could make adverse effect, though not life threatening. So ayurvedic medications should be taken only from trained, qualified, experienced Vaidya.
  5. Bhasma:- The process of making Bhasma if performed strictly according to ayurvedic texts, then not a single formulation makes any adverse side effect. Uptill now in the history of Ayurved, not a single case has been found as the bad effect of medicines. As Ayurved  is getting much popularity, wrong allegations are made by other pathies in desperation. Thus we assure you that all ayurvedic medicines are absolutely safe even on longer use.

  Kalpataru Ayurvediya Chikitsalaya (KAC)

  1. Working for the awareness and propogation of Ayurved.
  2. Arranged free Ayurvedic camps in several cities.
  3. Cultivation of ayurvedic herbs.
  4. Training doctors and students in the field of pharmaceutication.
  5. Offering pure ayurvedic treatments & panchkarma, Yog- therapy to the community.
  6. Making available this therapy even for economically backward class. 

Research work & experience

 Area of Special Interest and Skills

  1. Aamvat ( Rheumatoid arthritis ) Langhan, Swedan, Pachan, Vaitaran Basti, Valuka Swedan. 
  2. Hyper Menorrhea ( DUB) -We could avoid several bysterectimies ( uterus removal operation) with Suvarnagairik & jambutvak yog. 
  3. Hyper acidity Syndrome- vaman, virechan, snehpan.
  4. Acute Appendicitis- leech application, blood letting, shobhanjan yog 
  5. Migraine etc. – blood letting, pathyadi yog, nasya.
  6. Facial palsy- Nasya, Virechan.
  7. Calculus- Renal/Biliary-over 100 numbers of cases treated successfully with radiological evidence.
  8. Fistula in ano-Special setup with O.T. for ksharsutra therapy- the only assured solution for Fistula in Ano.
  9. Erectile dysfunction- Uttar basti, Kuchla kalpas.
  10. Recurrent epistaxis- Raktamokshan, Nasya.
  11. Ayurvedic Antenatal Care- Garbha sanskar Chikitsa and Vajikaran chikitsa for wellness of forthcoming baby.
  12. Tonsillitis, adenoiditis- Pratisaran- Application of specific herbs on tonsils.
  13. Herpes infections- Blood letting, leech application.
  14. Life Threatening/ non responding hiccups- Saindhav nasya- Nasal administration of rock salt solution.
  15. Jaundice- Even Hepatitis B positive and patients having Sr. Bilirubin 20 were cured in one month.
  16. Recurrent ear discharge/ tinnitus- Karna purna, Panchakashay gugul.
  17. Spondylosis- use of Mandur and shring Bhasma, Katibasti, Matra basti Agni karma.
  18. Recurrent worm infestation- Chaturthak yog.
  19. Depression, anxiety neurosis- Shirodhara , Abhyanga, Shirobasti.
  20. Menopausal syndrome-Rasayan chikitsa, Basti.
  21. Pimples/ Pigmentation – Mukhlep, Nasya.
  22. Allergic conjunctivits etc. – Netra basti, Tarpan chikitsa.
  23. Sleep disorder- Padabhyang, karnapurna, Nasya lep on kapal Pradesh.
  24. Polycystic ovaries- Basti, Uttarbasti, Virechan.
  25. Cracked hand, feet- Malahar use, Leech application.
  26. Paralysis- Niruh Anuvasan Basti, Swedan, Nasya, Rasayan.
  27. Anaemia of different type- Sneha panam.
  28. Gastric duodenal ulcers- use of resin(Babol).
  29. Diabetes mellitus-Virechan, Bharjit Annasevan.
  30. Chronic Rhinitis, DNS hypertrophied terminates- Nasya, Sindur Aushadhi, Vaman procedure.
  31. Prostatitis, BPH- Basti, Uttarbasti, Haritakkyadi kadha.
  32. Punsanvan & Grabhasanskar- for healthy & intelligent baby 
  33. Sciatica- Raktamokshan, use of suvrna kalpas, Agnikarma, Vedhan.
  34. Bed wetting ( Nocturnal enuresis) – Kuchala kalpas
  35. Semen, sperm disorder- Uttar basti, Yapan basti.
  36. Leucorrhoea- Yonidhavan, Pichu application. 
  37.  Breathing disorder (Asthma)-vaman, Urosnehan, swedan Use of Bhallataka, snehpan.
  38. Leucoderma (whiter patches)-leech application, virechana
  39. Low lactation –shatavari, salam mishri use
  40. Mastitis/Hormonal mastopathy, malgrowth of breast –lep-abhyanaga
  41. Obesity-Lekhana basti, steam bath
  42. Ascites-virechan with Jepalkalpas
  43. Ulcerative colitis –Anuvasan basti ,piccha basti
  44. Eczema lep & leech application
  45. De- addiction –shirodhara, medicinal dhumapan
  46. Dysparunia- pichu ,basti etc
  47. Uritcaria-swedan, basti vaman
  48. Hair fall/ alopecia areata/dandruff lep, shirobasti, Nasya
  49. Yoga and Pranayama-Advice accordingly. Anulom- vilom for psychosomatic and orthopedic problems.


    PROPOSED PLANNING :- Multispeciality ayurved indoor hospital with facilities of yog, music therapy, massage, panchkarma, ksharsutra therapy etc at Pune.

Publications & Achievements


  1. An article in renowned Ayurvedic magazine- Patrika on emergency treatment in Ayurveda with special reference to acute appendicitis.
  2. Edited a book – Dermatological Problems- Kustha, Published by Vaidyaraj Datar Research Institute, Sangli.
  3. Article in Lokmat about Psoriasis and Dinacharya.
  4. Articles in daily Sanchar-Kesari on Ayurvediya Swastha Vritta- Madhumeh.
  5. A paper presented on Plihodar- Yashaswi Chikitsa in National Conference held at Sangli- Presentation of two patients of Ascities with complete cure and no recurrence.
  6. Article on psoriasis treatment in Family-Doctor supplement of Sakal Paper.

Awards received

  1. Ayurved Bhushan Purskar from Dabur India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Remarkable work in the field of community service  by Rotary International.
  3. Janseva Sadbhavana Award by IIGS, New Delhi.
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