Arthritis – Dietary Advice


Arthritis – Dietary Advice

Good for arthitis

  • Grains- brown rice,unpolished rice, old rice, barley, ragi.
  • Vegetables- drumsticks, pumpkin, bitter gourd, snake gourd, PUNARNAVA (Boerhaviadiffusa).
  • Cereals- MOONG, lentil, moth bean, ragi.
  • Meat- chicken, mutton
  • Milk products- only buttermilk that too at day time enriched with, pepper, cumin seeds and rock salt.
  • Water- warm water enriched with medicinal properties.
  • Natural pain killers- ginger, turmeric, onion, ginger,fenugreekseeds,flaxseed
  • Other edibles- castor oil, GOUMOOTRA (cow’s urine), SOONTH (ginger powder), , fennel seeds.

Bad for arthritis

  • Grains- new grains, wheat.
  • Vegetables- bottle gourd, ivy gourd.
  • Cereals- black gram, field beans, green pea, cowpea and chickpea.
  • Meat- fish and seafood.
  • Fruits- especially citric fruits
  • Milk products- milk, curd, PANEER, cheese.
  • Water- cold wate
  • Bulbous fruits- sweet potato, potato
  • Other edibles- VIRUDDH AAHAR (opposite natured food combinations), like milk + fruit, curd + milk, etc., jiggery,

Useful enriched recipes

  • Moth bean soup- let the moth beans sprout. Take these in a pressure cooker and steam it for a few minutes. Take some grated coconut, onions, pepper, cloves, cinnamon and roasted coriander seeds to enhance the taste and put them in a mixer grinder and grind it. Then take the steamed moth beans and add some salt and chilli powder for taste. Mix it with the grinded mixture and boil it for some time.
  • Ginger candy- take half a cup ginger juice. Settle the solid sediment and sieve the liquid juice in another cup. Add to it 1.5 cup milk and 1 cup sugar and boil until it becomes semisolid. Then apply some ghee to the back of a flat plate and spread the semisolid mixture. Then let it dry and divide it into pieces.