Varsha Rutucharya

Diet to be follow in rainy season

In India, the rainy season starts from June and continues till September. Between this period, according to Ayurveda two rutus ( seasons ) occur – Varsha rutu and Sharad Rutu.
In Varsha rutu, it rains all over India. The rivers, ponds, etc. are filled with water. The sky is covered with clouds and rains occur without thunderstorms.
This rutu falls in Dakshinayan and the general body strength of an individual is weak. ‘Agni’ means digestion capacity is ‘Manda'(weak). So we should follow a specific Diet and Lifestyle in this season.
The predominant Rasa and Mahabhuta in this season are Amla rasa and Jala mahabhuta.

Diet in Varsha rutu :-

In Varsha rutu, water in wells, ponds is heavy to digest and as Agni is weak, metabolism is sluggish. To keep our metabolism in a good state, we must follow some changes in diet.
Due to the change in climate in Varsha rutu, all 3 doshas – Vaat, Pitta, and Kapha get vitiated. So to balance these doshas and strengthen the Agni one should follow proper diet —
• Drink warm water. It’s better to drink Sunthi siddha jala in this season.
• Drink warm soups of olden grains
• Consume light and fresh foods prepared using olden grains.
• Include rice, jowar, wheat, raagi, moongdal, ginger, garlic, cow’s ghee in your food.
• Consume small pieces of ginger and rocksalt before food.
• Eat warm food and avoid raw food, fresh fruits, and salads.
• Avoid drinking excess water and other drinks.
• Reduce the use of leafy vegetables.
• Instead of whole mutton and chicken, prefer soups.

Lifestyle in Varsha rutu –

• Avoid getting wet in rain.
• Avoid daytime sleeping as it hampers digestion.
• Keep the clothes and surroundings dry and clean.
• Also keep the body dry. Fungal infections attack wet areas. Viral infection also attacks when the temperature is low.
• Mild to moderate exercise is advised.

Panchakarma :-

Basti karma is advised in Varsha rutu.