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COVID Precautions

Effective Tips To Avoid CORONA Infection

Since March 2020, we are fighting with COVID 19 caused by the novel Coronavirus. According to a recent declaration, it is a viral infection that spreads through the air(Airborne).
In India Corona patients are increasing day by day and many times situation is out of control. Indian Govt., state Govts. , all medical institutes are trying very hard …. Still, these efforts are not sufficient.
So, it is our duty to try not to get infected and stay fit.
Here are some effective tips to avoid CORONA infection and stay healthy….
1 Soap –
To avoid infection our hands, as well as a whole body, should be clean. Therefore whenever we come home from outside, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds. When you come home after doing your full-day office duty, take a bath. Apply the soap all over the body. Keep yourself always clean. We can use sanitizer also to keep our hands clean. At the entrance of our home and office sanitizing facility should be compulsory.
2 Mask –
It is a VVIMP tip. As the infection spreads through the air and it enters our body through the nose or mouth, it should be covered by a mask strictly. Mask works as a shield. When we go out if by chance we come in contact with a Corona patient and we are wearing a mask chances of getting infected are very less.
The Mask should be three-layered. If you don’t have, wear two Masks at a time. Mask should be of perfect fitting. The nose, mouth, and chin should be covered properly. Don’t use a loose mask.
There are various options of masks in the market such as N95, surgical masks, three layered masks, k95 masks, etc.
Select the proper mask according to your profession and duration of exposure.
3 Social Distance –
दो गज की दूरी … है बहुत जरुरी

As the Corona infection spreads from one person to other, please avoid going out without any sufficient reason. If it is necessary to go out, we must keep at least 3 feet distance from other persons. When you are talking with someone, keeping distance is of utmost importance.
In some houses, cleaning workers and maids come from outside. Ask those persons to wear mask compulsory while working. Their hand sanitization before entering the home should be mandatory.
These are the simple things that we can do easily to avoid Corona infection.
In the next blog, let’s learn what should be the proper diet to gain immunity against corona infection